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Have you visited your website lately?
My guess is no because there are so many possible solutions to revamp your website! Let me help you create an exciting, user-friendly, clean and modern looking website!

I will personally browse through your website and evaluate the overall look and feel, functionality and even make some suggestions on how to keep your site looking fresh.

A long with your FREE ESTIMATE, I will also give you a teaser page of your future website. This is a great concept because you'll get an idea of what your site can look like and it will give me an idea of what you like and don't like.

Is your website hit count low?
Websites are such a CRITICAL part of any successful business. In this day and age where people practically live on the internet, it is SO important to have a professional website. I, myself, have hit the back button on my browser for websites that are unprofessional looking - In fear that they company may not be legit. Don't be THAT Company! Contact me today and I will get your website back on track.

Leigh Edie Designs can offer the following web services:

  • wordpress websites
  • html websites
If there is something specific you'd like, such as, a custom slideshow or some cool graphics, I will accommodate you.

Website References:

Don't miss out! Maximize the biggest marketing tool for your business… YOUR WEBSITE! I look forward to working with you. Please contact me today!

Thank you,


Leigh Edie

Graphic Design Contractor
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